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Welcome to our Online Pet & Dog
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Establish a Clientelle of 200 pets per month and earn $7,000 per month or
$84,000 / Year!

Why Online Grooming School?

Yes, you can do it! It cost much less than hands on grooming school, and you'll save thousands!

Becoming a certified pet groomer is a rewarding career. You can work for somebody else, or you can work for yourself, whether it is a grooming salon or a mobile groomer you choose. The pet industry is a $34,000,000,000 per year industry, yes nine zeros, BILLION, dollars a year industry! Let us help you be a part of it! The funds earned as a certified pet groomer is not so bad. For example; in case you were to work for Petco or Petsmart you could earn 30 to 40K per year or even more. In case you enter the Mobile grooming industry, you could earn as much as $60K per year & some even earn much over this.

Take a free test drive of our grooming school today before you enroll and spend a penny, it's FREE! If you like what you read & see then we would welcome you as a new student. Once you register to take your free test drive you’ll need to log in. Once logged in you’ll be able to watch samples of our twenty produced dog grooming videos.

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