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Special Offer to Continue Your Schooling & Get Certified!
As you know, many schools will charge as much as $8000. We are different.
Notice: If you enrolled less than a year ago, this doesn't apply to you. When you first enrolled many of you only paid a flat fee of $175 and you were given one year to complete your education, to submit your pictures, to take your final test in order to recieve your
"Certified Pet Groomer" & "Certified Pet Hygienist"

Speak to me: George 818512.8125
Monday Through Saturday 8-5 p.m.
Many have called and asked if they need to pay the full amount again since they didn't finish on time. We listened and we arrived at a solution!

Here is what you'll receive:

For a flat fee of $9.95 per month, continue your education and earn your certificates. CANCEL AT ANYTIME...If it takes you one month to finish GREAT....if you need more time, not a problem.

1. Unlimited time to complete!
2. All Videos to watch on our streaming servers day or night, 24/7!
3. Watch any new uploaded video on our streaming server for free, no additional cost!
4. A "Pet Hygienist Certificate" (Issued by our parent company, "Master Groomers Academy"
5. A "Certified Pet Groomer Certificate" (Master Groomers Academy)
6. Entire book, "My Dog Grooming Guide" online to access from anywhere!
7. Take your test and upload your before and after pictures online!
8. Community chatboards coming soon. And much more!

For your security and ours we use "paypal". Its easy to enroll with Paypal. Remember you can cancel at anytime. Click the "Subscribe" button below and keep on moving to earn your certificates!

If you encounter a problem, contact us.

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