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Hello, before you can become a “Master Groomer” you need to have been certified as a pet groomer, or have been grooming for over one year. A Master Groomer is not the same as competition show dog grooming.  It is a person who knows their dog breeds, and a person who knows how to teach others how to groom. A person who fully understand the tools of the trade.

Please answer and perform the following: (Must Follow Video Instructions)
Please study all AKC breeds, “My Dog Grooming Guide” is a good source. (click here to download). Then place ten dogs in each of the following categories:
Sporting Group – Hound Group – Working Group – Terrier Group – Toy Group – Herding Group

  Please choose any five dogs from above and describe the following:

  1. Name of Dog:  The Affenpinscher, also known as the Monkey Terrier, is a terrier-like toy Pinscher breed of dog.
  2. What is their coat like?
  3. How long do they live?
  4. How much do they weigh at adulthood?
  5. What is their temperament?
  6. How many puppies do they give birth to?

Please explain the following:

  1.  How do you remove a tick from a dog?
  2. How do you give a dog a flea dip?
  3. Do you plug the hair from the ears on all dogs?  Why?

A “Master Groomer” is an individual who can teach others how to groom.  You need to produce two videos as follow:

  1.  The first video is about a bath, deshed, dry, and brush.  You choose your dog.  (Refer to “Pet Hygiene 1&2 and the deshed video for ideas)
  2. The second video is about a dog that needs grooming such as a Poodle, Yorkie, or a Westie.  You choose.  You do not need to show the bath and drying of the dog.  Just explain how you are going to groom it and why.  First, clip one side including the face, then explain to us, like you are teaching us, how you're going to cut the other side to look like the one you already clipped. You choose any dog. Please watch video for further instructions. A link to the instructional video will be sent to you unpon enrolling.

Once done, upload your videos to youtube.com.  Watch instructions video which includes  “How to Upload a video to youtube.com” included here on this page.  You will need to make it private.  Once uploaded send us the URL.  Again, watch video for details.

Once you complete the above, Click here to give your answers!
If everything is satisfactory, you’ll be issued a“Certified Master Groomer” & "Certified Grooming Instructer" from our parent company
Master Groomer Academy” 

All the best,
G. Constantine Tannous
Ps: If you’re certified in CPR, that will be a plus.  Here is a free web site I found:  https://firstaidforpets.net/free-dog-cpr-course/

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